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Co-Admin 24.02.2023
The Site has not Been Updated for a Week - is There a Problem?
Co-Admin 15.02.2023
Community Hub Launched!
Co-Admin 09.02.2023
St. Valentine's Day Sale (50% off through 16.02)
Hello everybody, For this sale, we are offering 50% off across all payment methods for Lifetime purchases. Enjoy! The sale will last until February 16th...
Co-Admin 06.02.2023
Important Update on HDC and WD
Hello everybody, As part of the recent Survey, we heard your overwhelming feedback that we shouldn't get rid of HDC Project and WD Girls categories outright. However, such content is problematic for...
Co-Admin 03.02.2023
Premium Changes for 2023
Hello everybody, PissRIP has really gone a long way since I joined the site 3 years ago. Back in the day, the clips were hosted with a crappy Vidoza site and we were all getting a ton of cancerous...
Co-Admin 02.02.2023
Admin Diaries - Trimming "Other"
"Other doesn't fit the picture of the word Premium. It was a PornHub category that doubled as a circular trash can." - Love2SeeHerPee, Content Commitee Hello everybody, In the recent Survey, some of...
Co-Admin 27.01.2023
Claim your Free Lifetime Premium now! (Limited Offer)
Okay, now that we've got your attention, let's talk about the site-wide changes following the recent Survey you (hopefully) took part in. We carefully analyzed your feedback, noted your strong...
Co-Admin 14.01.2023
Our Plans Regarding Categories & Focus Survey
Hello everybody, Following the site downtimes in December, we are focusing on our server side with reliability and quality in mind. While this will undoubtedly increase our running costs, we are...
Admin 31.12.2022
Happy New Year!
Dear PissRIP community, This year was very fruitful for the site. To make a summary of the key milestones: - About 5000 new accounts were created; - Some 11500 new clips were uploaded; - A large...
Admin 26.12.2022
We Are Back! + Christmas&New Year Sale Update
Hello everybody, We were unavailable during the weekend following abuse reports on our servers. We are currently recovering from the aftermath and restoring the content that was lost. Sorry for the...
Co-Admin 29.10.2022
Halloween Sale
Trick or treat! Celebrating Halloween , we are launching a sale. We are offering 20% off all payments in crypto. Enjoy! The sale will end on 02.11, 2 PM (GMT +0) THE SALE IS NOW CONCLUDED, THANK YOU!...
Co-Admin 15.10.2022
Happy Birthday Sale
Hello everyone, In order to celebrate the 5th Anniversary of PissRIP , we are launching a sale. We are offering 30% off all payments in crypto. Enjoy! The sale will end on 19.10, 2 PM (GMT +0) THE...
Admin 09.10.2022
"Daily Updates" Conundrum
Hello PissRIP, February Survey highlighted the most important things for you are quality of content (79.6% picked that) and quantity&frequency of updates (69.5%). However, maintaining all that...
Co-Admin 15.09.2022
Autumn Cleaning!
THIS EVENT IS CONCLUDED, THANK YOU! Hello PissRIP, Early this year we held a Spring Cleaning event. Our sites are growing larger, and since we'd like to optimize server space we are throwing another...
Co-Admin 14.09.2022
Alikassa Discontinued & New Crypto Guide
Hello PissRIP, For the past month our Russian members have been increasingly facing issues with paying through Alikassa. Today, Alikassa informed us that due to "payment provider limitations" they...
Co-Admin 03.09.2022
The Most Frequently Asked Question
Hi Admin, I know you said not to ask but I really want to continue watching your vids, the PayPal link isn't taking me anywhere and I'm not sure how to use crypto? Hi I want to subscribe, however I...
Co-Admin 18.08.2022
Update on Download Limits
Hello everyone, A while ago we introduced a daily limit on downloads to optimize traffic usage of our growing sites and prevent abuse. Since then, some of you have been suggesting to remove this...
Co-Admin 29.07.2022
GiftPay Discontinued
Hello everyone, Today we discontinued GiftPay payment method for all our sites. The reason for that is they have proven extremely unreliable: not everyone was able to pay and some people ended up...
Co-Admin 09.07.2022
Site Updates
Hello PissRIP! 1. We improved the design of the video player page - related videos are now displayed to the side and the description is now available from the drop-down menu. You should hopefully...
Admin 23.06.2022
No More Advertisements!
Good day, PissRIP! Over the course of several months we received a lot of feedback on advertisements at this site, both as part of the Survey and otherwise. You told us they feel too cancerous and go...
Admin 31.05.2022
International Sex Workers' Day Sale (30% off through 10.06)
Hello everyone, In order to celebrate International Sex Workers' Day , we are launching a sale. We are offering 30% off across all our payment methods. Enjoy! The sale will end on 10.06, 2 PM (GMT +0)...
Co-Admin 19.05.2022
Crypto Survey
Hello PissRIP, Today we'd like to learn your opinion on cryptocurrencies with a super-short survey that contains just one question - how would you react if we switched to crypto as the only payment...
Co-Admin 03.04.2022
Site Updates (the real ones)
Hello everyone, 1. We have merged JAV Voyeur and Piss Voyeur (various) categories into a single one - after the introduction of Piss Voyeur (various) it no longer made sense to have a separate...
Co-Admin 01.04.2022
Site Updates!
Hello everyone, Thanks for your participation in the Spring Cleaning event. Today we'd like to talk to you about the improvements we have made and will be making for our sites. So, without further...
Admin 18.03.2022
Spring Cleaning!
Hello PissRIP, In line with our desire to improve your experience with the site and optimize servers space, we are announcing the Spring Cleaning event. We are looking forward to get rid of the clips...
Admin 12.03.2022
PissRIP Focus Survey 2022
Dear members, As follow-up to our Survey back in February, we would like to hear your input on a small number of key topics we are considering at present. This is a short form, and shouldn't take...
Admin 05.03.2022
Where is my Favorite Category?
Hello everyone! As part of the Survey many of you voiced strong concern for how annoying and cancerous advertisements on the site are and pointed out how those are actively scaring away potential...
Admin 19.02.2022
Site Improvements Based on Your Feedback!
Good day PissRIP! We’d like to once again thank your for participating in our Survey a while ago. You provided us a lot of valuable feedback and today we’d like to list all things we did and are...
Admin 09.02.2022
St. Valentine's Day Sale (30% off through 16.02)
Hello everyone, In order to celebrate St. Valentine's Day, we are launching a sale. We are offering 30% off across all our payment methods. Enjoy! The sale will end on 16.02, 2 PM (GMT +0)...
Admin 24.01.2022
PissRIP Survey 2022!
Dear PissRIP members, We are very interested to hear about your experience using the site and discover areas for improvement. To this end, we are conducting a Survey! The Survey will run for two...
Admin 21.01.2022
News System Launched!
Dear PissRIP community! On this January 21th we are happy to launch the news system which we'll be able to use to inform you about all kinds of important stuff happening around the site. We will have...
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