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The Art of Pee Sex

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The Art of Pee Sex
In this steamy episode, Frederica Hill stars as an upper class art dealer. She is bored after a hard day at work, and is having a refreshing glass of champagne in the gallery when her sexy blonde assistant, Cameron, announces that they have a visitor. The visitor turns out to be a handsome young artist who is eager to show Miss Hill his work. In fact, he is willing to do absolutely anything to show his art in her gallery, as he quickly makes explicit... Being a resourceful woman, and aware of her sex appeal, Frederica Hill quickly takes advantage of his offer, involving her assistant in what turns out to be a saucy three-way fuck fest with plenty of piss!
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Guest taipan
Guest taipan 4 February 2021 04:51
Many many thanks to the admin for reuploading this in such good quality