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Panty Show Hits the Street

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Panty Show Hits the Street
It's a cloudy quiet morning in the suburbs, and our cameraman talks some young ladies into showing their undies off as they walk down the middle of their residential street. Our first lovely co-ed lifts her gray school skirt like a curtain and winces a little in shame as she lets her peepee drip down and splash the pavement below. She completes the dare but she's happy to have it over with. Stepping indoors to a covered stairway she cheers up and gets into letting the pee flow freely. Now we're in the business district, and our girl is a little bolder. Her hot pink flowered panties show she's not afraid of a little attention. She finds her way to a concrete stairs, sits down, hikes up her skirt and waves to the world! After glancing around, she walks down the street dripping piss from the crotch of those undies. Shimmying out of them she displays her wet work for the camera, then wrings out the warm pee. All she can do then is parade down the street showing us her damp pussy and firm little rump.
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