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Ms Vivian Leigh - Rinsing the caged slave

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Ms Vivian Leigh - Rinsing the caged slave
You've been in your cage for a few days now. I suppose you're getting used to the idea that you're nothing more than a thing with no free will, simply waiting to live, die. Don't worry, little pig. I am nowhere near done with you. So I forgot to feed or water you for a few days, and you're terribly bored with blue balls locked in chastity. You used to spend all your day tossing off then playing with your own splooge but now all you can do is stare at your clitty, the wall, whatever. You don't get regular play sessions. I have much better slaves that have earned this privilege, but I don't want you to perish. So, I decide to give you a little. I wake you and you look up to see your beautiful master holding a bottle of diet coke. I explain that you have to swallow something and it was rude of me to deny you hydration but that ends now. Silly bitch. The diet coke is for me, not you. Since you are a pig, you'll live like a pig. Raise your head, open your mouth and hope to catch as much as I allow you to have. Goddess piss, not water or juice or diet coke. If you don't catch my piss with your mouth, too fucking bad. I suppose you can suck it up off the bottom of the cage or die. Dumbass. I'm not even going to take you out of your cage because you can't be trusted. I know what you'll do... start humping my leg, professing your devotion and begging to be allowed to cum. Blah Blah Blah and fuck no. I hose you down. My first morning piss is extra stinky for you. Cigarettes, Adderall, Diet Coke and last night's Michelob Ultra light. I want to mark you with my scent. Gulp down what you can, bitch. Then sit in it. And say... THANK YOU GODDESS. I'm too good to you! 'Caged Slave' is a series of clips. To get the full experience of what it's like to be my fly on the glass, buy the clips in order
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