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Kylie Rogue says jerk your dick

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Kylie Rogue says jerk your dick
Goddess Kylie Rogue sucks on her red lollypop and teases you about it being your swollen little cock head in her mouth, She talks dirty to you and drives you crazy letting you jerk that pathetic little slut stick, bringing you right to the edge over and over, She knows those tiny balls are about to explode, But she loves making you wait, She makes a deal with you, Telling you that id you shove three fingers up your man pussy that she will let you spill your loser load. And then she makes you slurp it all up cucky. Goddess Kylie Rogue is in a giving mood today and is going to let you stroke that pathetic slut stick of yours, Thas right big boy all 2" inches of that worthless dicklet, first take your index finger and your thumb and slide it back and forth up and down, but the only way Goddess is going to allow you to cum is by shoving all 4 fingers up your fuck hole, Go ahead spit in it and start with one slowly sticking it in your stink hole looser,Then take 2 more fingers and jam three up there, then finally use your pinky hell shove your whole hand up there and imagine it is my thick black strap on cock slut puppy, Now explode shooting your man filth everywhere and then take your hand out of your ass and scoop up that filth and lick those fingers clean, Emmm finger licking good. Goddess Kylie Rogue asks if you are thirsty? she already knows you love stroking that tiny pathetic dicklet of yours, She decides you can earn your way out of chastity and get a chance to be in stroke boy heaven, She is going to fill this bowl full of her nectar and allow you to use as lube to stroke off that tiny little excuse for a cock you have, Oh and there's more you can use her love juice to lube up three fingers and fuck your asshole at the same time, Then you can drink what's left and feel like your full of your Goddess.
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