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XFuukaX - Pee Loving Diaper Girl Drenches Herself Show

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XFuukaX - Pee Loving Diaper Girl Drenches Herself Show
This is a fetish show that I recorded in HD with my GoPro Hero 4 Black and uploaded with the customer's permission. I'm wearing my skin tight BMO dress, a pair of white rainbow stripe referee thigh high socks, and a cute pair of pull ups under my dress. I get down on my office chair that's placed upside down on the floor and life my dress up to show off my diaper underneath. My bladder is so full and I talk about how much I'm struggling to not burst yet. I know you want to see me piss all over myself and I'm pretty sure the positioning of my chair will help me do just that. place my head on the back of the chair and hike my long legs up above myself and pull my pull up's down so I can touch and tease myself and see how long I can keep myself from pissing all over my cute little face. My body has been changing and I'm in my 18th week of pregnancy, I talk a little about my huge tits and can't help but touch them which they're so close to my face. This diaper was hard to pull up over my thighs before I started the show. Soon I can't take it anymore and have to relieve myself. Enjoy the view as I utterly soak myself from head to toe with a nice bull bladder! After I've emptied my bladder, I of course show in my pee soaked state. I keep giggling and enjoy showing off as my hair drips all over, and even lick my glasses before ending the show ;) *The pull ups unfortunately blocked the view of my piss streaming from my pee hole, but it's def still hot, and I had to pee a lot! I discounted the price a bit from what a pee fetish clip would normally cost.
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