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Princess Skylar - What An Honor

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Princess Skylar - What An Honor
Princess Skylar is training a new slave to become her full-time live-in toilet. 100% of his food and drink will come strictly from her body. She’s sitting on a toilet now to get him used to the new feeding routine, but she tells him that in time, she’ll sit directly on his face. This makes the consumption of her delectable treats more difficult, but a proper toilet must learn to eat, drink, and get a breath when he can, without it turning into a big nasty mess! She already has him snacking on her toenail clippings but today he’s starting out with her pee. Baby steps… this slave needs to prove he’s worthy of becoming a full toilet. What an honor! Next, she makes him beg: “Please honor me with your urine, Princess” and she giggles as he snivels pathetically, sort of the way a real man might beg for his life. It’s evident he has been well conditioned to see this task as important as anything he has ever attempted in his life. Skylar laughs and calls him pathetic. She has been drinking water all day just for this occasion and wants to make sure his first shower is a downpour, not just a drizzle. The floodgates open and the pee shoots hot and hard out of her fresh young pussy… you can almost see the steam rising! When she’s finished she laughs because it splashed all over the slave’s face, and she tells him to make sure it stays there all day… “It can be your new cologne”!
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