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Natalia Mackenzie - Cheerleader Pee Denial

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Natalia Mackenzie - Cheerleader Pee Denial
oh my gosh i am so thirsty! i just got home from a long day at cheer practice and i have already drank two energy [***] and three bottles of water. you're not convinced that i know the cheer by heart yet, so you make me continue to rehearse while i finish my third energy beverage and fourth bottle of water. i have to pee so bad! please, let me go pee. after i finish the water i can pee? ok! i chug the last bottle of water. ok, can i go pee now? no!? i have to finish the last energy beverage? and then you'll let me pee? ok...gulp gulp. i am dancing around holding myself because i have to pee so bad. then you tell me you have a good idea...i am not so sure i like your ideas that have to do with my pee, but ok, what is it? you want me to pee in this cup and see if i can fill it up? if i do it, you'll let me pee? i just have to pee so bad. fine, i will pee in the cup as long as i can just pee. i go into the bathroom and stand in the shower. pull my panties down and my cheer skirt up so my bare pussy & tits are exposed. i then begin to piss in the cup filling it almost to the top! wow that felt so good. look how full the cup is 1080p hd, brunette, petite, tattoos, pierced tits, big tits, pierced pussy, trimmed bush
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assg46 3 March 2018 03:19
can we get more of her? :)
Admin Admin 3 March 2018 12:52
assg46, I'll try :) the videos needs to be bought, and in its free access it's almost gone. :(
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