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Erotic Customs - Serene Siren in THRILL BILL

Erotic Customs - Serene Siren in THRILL BILL
Exciting spoof of Kill Bill. Serene Siren stars as The Bride, skipping the other fights and drives the Pussy Wagon straight to Bill. Performing the secret "Five Point Exploding Orgasm Technique" she makes Bill pay for the years she spent in the hospital. The Bride is in total control and makes Bill know it; turning Bill into her plaything. The power over him is seductive, and she starts to enjoy it more than just the revenge she was looking for, demanding that Bill submits to her every desire. This clip has it all! Dirty talk, masturbation, orgasms, toys, vibrating tongue for pov pussy licking, anal, squirting, bj, dildo-riding, JOI, and finally peeing!
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