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Julia Jordan - Swallow Mom`s Pee and Cum Hard

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Julia Jordan - Swallow Mom`s Pee and Cum Hard
Mom is cleaning the house in a very very short top, no panties and her son is peeking under the top, he can clearly see her gorgeous mature cunt and it leads natural to his hard on. Suddenly mom notices the huge bulge in his pants. She is kind of embarrassed and surprised, but realizes that her naked fresh shaved cunt is the reason for the young boy`s hard on. She suggests he goes to his room and helps know what I mean, she says:) But he wants something else....what? you want me to show you my cunt while you masturbate? thats wrong, my dear! But he insists and the loving mother gives in! She shows him her beautiful cunt, opens her gorgeous cunt lips, rubs her clit for him. She orders the boy to take off his pants ans start stroking his cock. got a huge dick my dear. Rubbing her mature cunt in front of her wanking son makes her so horny. She encourages him to stroke faster and harder, she already knows she will cum too and she wants them to cum at the same time, but soon she cums while the boy is still stroking his big cock. What`s wrong my dear? Why dont you cum with me? Whaaat? You want me to do that in front of you so you could cum? Oh, you want me to do that ON you? She at first seems a bit shocked, but after all she is a loving mom and she wants the best for her son, so...she squats over a glass coffee table, opens her beautiful legs wide, spreads her big cunt lips wide, orders him to sit under her and starts giving him a fantastic, abundant golden shower right on his cock, on his face and in his mouth! Swallow it baby, swallow mommy`s pee and cum hard
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Normering 19 January 2021 00:34
If this was my mum, she could pee on me anytime.

Also give me a drink too

The way it flows from that epic pussy, is so amazing