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Desperate Models Caught

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Desperate Models Caught
Carissa and Dixie are models who are at the office of an agent to audition for a lingerie calendar. Everything is going fine and the agent leaves the room to get some paperwork to fill out, leaving them alone in the office together. As they make small talk, Dixie asks Carissa if she happened to notice where the bathroom was when they came in. It seems Dixie was running a bit late and didn't have a chance to go pee before coming into the office and now really needs to go. She doesn't want to leave the office and have the agent come back with her not there because she thinks it would seem unprofessional. Carissa agrees and Dixie decides she'll just have to hold it. Carissa admits that she took a diuretic before the audition since she new it would be revealing lingerie and now watching Dixie squirm in desperation is making her desperate as well. Both ladies are eventually so desperate that they are reduced to grabbing their crotches and dancing around the room so they decide it would be less professional to behave like that then to leave the room to pee and venture to find the bathroom. As they go to leave the office, however, they find that the door is locked. They can't believe what is happening and the sudden realization that they are stuck in the office makes their desperation even worse. As they continue to squirm in their desperation, Dixie realizes that she can't hold it anymore and is going to wet herself if she doesn't go to the bathroom so she starts looking around the room for something to pee in. She finds an empty waste basket and shows it to Carissa, suggesting they use it to pee. Carissa can't believe Dixie would do such a thing and refuses but Dixie says she has no choice and starts carefully removing her panties and pulling up her skirt to try to pee in the bin. Watching and hearing Dixie pee is too much for Carissa and pushes her over the edge. Once Dixie is finished and trying to air dry, Carissa pulls down her panties and squats over the waste basket to pee as well. Just then the agent comes back into the room and catches Carissa peeing in the bin while Dixie is bare-assed and swinging her hips around to dry her pussy. Carissa can't stop peeing and is stuck there as he asks what in the hell they are doing in his office. They accuse him of locking them in so they couldn't get to the bathroom but he tells them that the door wasn't locked it just sticks since it's an old building. Embarrassed and humiliated they quickly try to put themselves together and run out while he suggests that he has a magazine client in Germany that they might be a better fit for.
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Candycanes77 24 April 2020 02:17
All these higher quality videos are bassically unwatchable.
Wish there was a way to lower the quality. I might as well have dial up internet.
Billsandiego 14 September 2020 07:55
Candycanes77, did the second model even pee?

Looks like the second girl didn't even pee and just fakes it.
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