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Mistress Jezabel and Domina Hades - Toilet Training

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Mistress Jezabel and Domina Hades - Toilet Training
Mistress Jezabel and Domina Hades take slave Andrew into the shower room, he’s crawling at their heels carrying his doggy bowl. The idiotic slave then rushes into the shower. Get out of there you stupid slave - why do you think you were told to bring a doggy bowl? Its for us to pee into of course. After that you take your refreshment from the bowl. The slave crawls out of the shower and Domina Hades walks in and puts the doggy bowl between her thighs. She is not really in the mood though and can’t manage to do much pee. She passes the doggy bowl to Mistress Jezabel who takes it into the shower and pees into it. “What are you going to do for me slave for the honour of my pee? Beg for it slave!” “Please Mistress I really really want it.” Mistress Jezabel fills the bowl with her pee and puts it on the floor. Slave Andrew puts his head in the bowl. The Mistresses trample on his head, shoving it down into the pee. “How does that taste slave?” “Like heaven Mistress”. “Well swallow every last drop”. They push his face into the pee with their shoes. “Now pick up that bowl and follow us out of the room, and pull up your shorts - your disgusting ass crack is on display”. The Mistresses spit on him and walk out of the room with the slave crawling at their heels.
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Ivan Slovakia
Ivan Slovakia 12 November 2020 18:39
I want to drink it from you, girl.