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Miss Velour - Rubette’s Piss Enema

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Miss Velour - Rubette’s Piss Enema
“Hold your legs up and wide Rubette”. Mistress slides the enema tube into Rubette’s ass and pumps up the inflatable plug. Rubette makes a hissing, groaning sound. “Good, that isn’t going anywhere. Now there is a special enema for you”. Miss Velour takes off her latex panties. “Yes you get to watch Rubette - its going straight up your ass”. Miss Velour lets some of the air out of the butt plug so that there is room for all her piss. “I think I have just a bit more. You are a very good slave Rubette. You are going to clean me now”. Miss Velour sits on Rubette’s face. “Lick all that piss off Rubette. Good, very good”.
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