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Desperately Teased

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Desperately Teased
Michele James, Cadence Lux & Dixie Comet

Michele, Cadence and Dixie have fallen victim to a diabolical prankster who has filled them full of coffee, soda and diuretics and then locked the only bathroom so they can't get into it. They are desperate to piss and beg him for the key as they dance around and squeeze their pussies in desperate attempt to not pee their pants. He teases their desperation as he loves to watch pretty girls who frantically need to pee. Finally, he tells them he'll let them pee but only if they show him their pussies and asses, one at a time. The girls are mortified but their desperation is even stronger. They agree to show him but they are very afraid that if they pull down their pants they won't be able to hold it anymore and will pee themselves. One at a time they carefully pull down their pants and show the creep their pussies and asses. &quote;There, you've seen what you wanted, now give us the key,&quote; they demand after all three have exposed themselves. But it was all a trick. He now says they are free to pee, but he won't give them the key, they have to pee on the floor. They cry and beg through their desperation that they don't want to pee on the floor. Dixie was the last to show her pussy and she still has her pants pulled down around her knees. Finally she can't take it anymore and begins to piss herself. She unloads her bladder and it soaks her jeans and gets all over the floor. The other two girls can't believe that she just peed, but they are just as desperate and finally Cadence gives in and as well, soaking her white stretch pants. Michele doesn't last much longer, pissing all over her yoga pants and the floor after Cadence. They all can't believe the creep made them piss themselves but decide that he's seen enough. They pull their pee pants back up and leave, soaking wet and leaving him with a giant piss puddle on his floor.
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