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CandieCane - Exxxotica convention public toilet pee

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CandieCane - Exxxotica convention public toilet pee
We start by walking through the convention, as I show you some of the things inside. Then we finally find the female restrooms! I walk in, choose a stall, and close the door behind me. I put you in my mouth, so you can look down my shirt, as I take off my shorts and panties. You can hear random toilets flushing all around us. I squat down and let my pee flow into the public toilet! Just a few seconds after I am finished peeing, the toilet auto flushes on me! Then I bring you in close, so you can watch the last few drops of pee fall from my hairy pussy. I use my fingers to spread my lips apart. Then I grab some toilet paper and wipe off my wet bush. Once I am dried off, I pull up my panties and shorts, and get myself dressed again Then I turn around and try to get the toilet to flush. It is one of those toilets that run on a sensor, but it wasn't working? I try to place my hand over the sensor, but I couldn't get it to flush? So I just leave it, grab my things, and walk back out of the stall. We head to the sinks and you can see a couple other women in the bathroom. I wash my hands and get cleaned up. Then I show you my butt in the mirror hehe! I pick you up and we head back to the convention together. As soon as I walk out of the stall, you can hear the convention noises. People talking, music playing, and females screaming. We slowly walk through the convention and all of its people, until we reach my booth. I show you my company's booth and then give you a peak of the convention's dungeon, which was right next door! Then I have to say good bye, because I have to get my butt back to work selling adult products =P
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