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Nikki Sequoia - Outdoor Pee Compilation

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Nikki Sequoia - Outdoor Pee Compilation
Sexy compilation of quite a few pees in the great outdoors! Very sexy scenery, spraying urination, and beautiful babes. Starting off in a parking lot in front of a hiking mountain, Nikki almost gets caught by a couple parking their truck after she JUST finished letting out a full bladder all over the ground, her legs and her feet! Then a fun pee that was held for a 3 hour drive till Nikki got to one of her fav rest stops on her way to see Camille! No bathroom at this stop, so Nikki had to strategically park her car in the lot so the bystanders enjoying the views didnt see her let it all out! Then a personal fav, a sexy piss off a wall by Nikki overlooking the gorgeous Colorado River! Then 2 awesome public pees at the Phoenix Forum, Nikki pisses all over herself and soaks her skirt on a public balcony, and Camille pisses in a big fountain right on a busy street in Tempe! Then to calm down all the excitement, a beautifully lit standing piss in Nikki's brother's backyard while he is inside grabbing some things... Hurry Nikki! lol!! ALL the most beautiful outdoor pees will be found right here all summer so stay tuned
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