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Dixie Tricks Star & Ashley Into Stripping & Peeing With Her Magic Ring

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Dixie Tricks Star & Ashley Into Stripping & Peeing With Her Magic Ring
Dixie and her roommates, Star and Ashley, cross paths coming home from work and stop for a chat. Dixie is excited to tell them about the beautiful ring she found by chance on the ground on her way home. They all look at it and admire it but when Dixie slips it on to see how it looks on her finger, something weird happens. She suddenly starts to feel unusual and Star and Ashley start ignoring her as if she didn't even exist. They start talking about their plans for the rest of the day, making plans to go out together and when Dixie interjects to tell them she'd like to go, too, they just ignore her. She starts to get annoyed but then realizes that they must be playing some sort of practical joke on her and so she decides to teach them a lesson. She starts by stripping out of all of her clothes, thinking they'll be so shocked at her getting naked in the kitchen they won't be able to keep up the charade. But they are stronger than she thought and as she spins around butt naked they have no response to her amazement. Now she decides to make it a little physical, she gropes them both but they don't even flinch. Then she starts taking Star's clothes off of her but still gets no reaction. She starts to get the idea that they will do anything she can come up with to keep up the act so now she just whispers in Ashley's ear that she should strip out of her clothes and to her amazement, Ashley strips naked entirely on her own.

Dixie figures that she's going to have to go to extremes to get them to trip up so she spreads her legs open and pisses all over the floor. Still no reaction so she tests their willingness to go along by telling them to pee on the floor, too. Star and Ashley both piss on the floor as well as if it were nothing. Dixie is getting really confused now, she didn't think her roommates would go to such lengths for a joke. She tries one last thing, ordering them to start making out with each other and groping each other and when they immediately do, she knows something else is up. Finally she realizes, the ring! This all started when she put it on and so maybe there is something magical about it. She slides off the ring and immediately Star and Ashley begin to interact with her again without even realizing that they are naked and standing in a piss puddle. Dixie was right, it was the ring! Just to make sure, she slips it on again and once again, they act like she doesn't exist. Dixie is amazed that she has a magic ring, but as she slips it off again and makes plans with her roommates for drinks, she thinks that she will keep it to herself because it might come in handy in the future.
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