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Admin Diaries - Trimming "Other"

"Other doesn't fit the picture of the word Premium.
It was a PornHub category that doubled as a circular trash can."
- Love2SeeHerPee, Content Commitee

Hello everybody,

In the recent Survey, some of you said it would be good to have better communication. So this is the first news post that will be a bit longer and look like a blog.

"Other" category was problematic for us for years:
1. It deviated significantly from the rest of the site, primarily devoted to studio content;
2. It did not fit into the whole "category" system, as there's no way to organize a "category" with 13000 clips in it;
3. It would not be rational to introduce the tags system after 5 years of running the site - for the sake of 1 category;
4. By definition, "Other" accepted everything, and as such was a huge trash hazard;
5. Amateur models, by far the largest chunk of all "Other" content are a thing of its own, and require a level of commitment (updates, maintenance, time, resources) of a separate site - one we are realistically unable to provide.
6. Hosting all this content, while procuring more and more at the same time, was not commercially viable (not enough interest/demand from the community).

As such, our original plans were to get rid of "Other" entirely. However, following the Survey we decided it would be better to heavily clean it, and preserve just the best clips for the future. Something that's important to understand is the engine of this site was not originally intended for a porn tube, but was adapted for such purpose. Meaning that when it comes to certain specific tasks, our tools are quite limited (and we have constantly been developing new plugins to address that). For example, while it's possible to mass-search for clips based on views, it's not possible to do so based on the rating (likes/dislikes). And in order to create the category of "best" content we certainly needed to consider both the views and the rating. How to approach such a task then?

First, a new category "Amateur Collections" was created. The rationale behind that - it was certainly much more trash than good stuff in "Other", so instead of getting rid of bad clips we should be actually trying to find the good ones. After that, 3000 most viewed clips were moved to the category. 3000 was not a random number - it was one I thought would fit best, and interestingly, some of our members suggested likewise. This number would also be in line with some of our largest categories to keep within the reasonable volume of content. After that, the clips were sorted by rating, and poor clips removed. This procedure was done several times to ensure the new category ends up containing only the good stuff. The difficulty was that content with high views did not necessarily have many likes - and vice versa. So a search based on rating was also conducted, and some more clips were added.

In the end, even 3000 turned out to be too optimistic. The end result was just 2500 clips - but each of them has at least 2 likes to it. Now to address the question of what happened with the rest of the clips:
a) some clips were of piss voyeur nature and were moved to voyeur (various);
b) some clips were reposts/compilations of our studio categories (hosting same content twice) and were removed;
c) some clips barely had any upvotes for 3, 4, even 5 years since they were uploaded and were removed;
d) finally, some clips contained no name of the model and it was hard to establish it, and were also removed.

Essentially "Other" became a curated collection of best amateur clips we've amassed over 5 years of the site's operations. A lot of effort went to putting it together, and we feel if we don't take action, we will have to deal with another huge trash dump in just 6 months or a year. As such, we did not add the new category as an option for the Upload page - or, simply put, we will not be accepting new uploads for it. This effectively means that starting from today, PissRIP no longer accepts amateur models content and piss voyeur becomes the only accepted non-studio content.

1) 2500 best amateur clips from "Other" were moved into the newly-created "Amateur Collections" category;
2) all other clips from "Other" (and the category itself) were deleted, with the exception of piss voyeur content;
3) the uploads to the new category are disabled, meaning while we will be keeping it, we no longer accept new amateur models uploads.
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