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Claim your Free Lifetime Premium now! (Limited Offer)

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Okay, now that we've got your attention, let's talk about the site-wide changes following the recent Survey you (hopefully) took part in. We carefully analyzed your feedback, noted your strong support for a number of categories and considered various options on how to proceed. Our final decision did not come lightly.

1) We will be discontinuing (removing) the following categories from the site on March 1, 2023:

Please make sure to download your favorite clips by then.

2) We will be heavily trimming (getting rid of the poor content) the following categories starting from today:
PissVoyeur (various)

3) We reorganized the navigation and added a new section called "Sex with Pissing". This means that, on the whole, this branch of content remains at the site, but only the better clips/studios will be offered.

4) We heard your feedback that we should better engage the community in keeping the site clean. We are happy to announce we are launching something we call Content Committee - think of it as a permanent, systematic cleaning event, but only the most trusted members can participate. You can learn more about the group and application process here.

In addition to this, we are making the Complaint feature only available to the Committee members - to make sure we are only getting valid complaints and are able to process them efficiently. If you'd still like to help us as a Premium member, you'd have to write a comment below the video from now on.

5) For the moment, we will not be increasing our prices. We will however keep monitoring the situation and see what 2023 brings us.

6) We have analyzed our membership premium expiration times and discovered the overwhelming majority of members only get 1-month plans a couple times a year to grab the new content they are particularly interested in - despite all our efforts to encourage long-term commitment such as sales and discounts. This kind of approach is unhealthy for the site long-term, and we will be looking into ways how we could change this.
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