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Our Plans Regarding Categories & Focus Survey

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Hello everybody,

Following the site downtimes in December, we are focusing on our server side with reliability and quality in mind. While this will undoubtedly increase our running costs, we are hoping to pull this off in a manner that doesn't lead to us raising prices. Hence the need to optimize server space, something we already started in 2022 with Cleaning events. There are also other reasons - for example, the growing demand for piss voyeur to the point it's becoming the main theme of the site and leads to shift in priorities when procuring content.

So, what we wanna do is two things:

1) Get rid of the "Other" category - right now, "Other" (aka Amateur Models) is a huge 13k clips dump that takes up a lot of space while is hardly the best content the site offers. At some point we thought of organizing all that content similarly to how JavRIP does it - but we concluded that would be too much of a task that we'll never have the time or inclination to accomplish.

2) Get rid of the categories that are not focused on pissing / barely got anything to do with it / feature themes that are unpleasant to a lot of people, such as vomit.

Here's the list of categories up for removing:

ATKingdom (long videos with sex)
HDC Project
WD Girls

What would happen if we go ahead with this?

There will be a period of 1 month during which you will still be able to download and keep those clips, if you happen to like them. Afterwards, the content will be gone from the site and the new similar one (such as amateur models) will not be accepted. In essense, the site will be 100% dedicated to pissing studios + piss voyeur.

We also received feedback that piss voyeur (various) is becoming a dump of its own and will be doing a cleaning there as well to get rid of trash content. You are welcome to help pinpoint it through complaints system.

To get your opinion on this, we are launching a Focus Survey (link down below). It's really small and consists of only one question - so we're not offering any compensation for it. Basically, we just want to be sure you don't care about those categories and will not be missing them. Of course, you are also welcome to let us know your thoughts and ideas about this and the content in general.

The Survey is now concluded. Thank you!
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