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Happy New Year!

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Dear PissRIP community,

This year was very fruitful for the site. To make a summary of the key milestones:
- About 5000 new accounts were created;
- Some 11500 new clips were uploaded;
- A large Survey was conducted to find out your interests and issues here at the site;
- Monetization system was changed to 100% Premium-based;
- Sales and promotions were introduced;
- The news system was created to keep you updated about events at the site;
- The categories were reorganized into Voyeur and Staged Pissing for better navigation;
- Two "cleaning" events were conducted to get rid of trash and unpopular content;
- Support pages faced a major overhaul, with a FAQ and a much-requested Crypto guide;
- Guidelines on contributing to the site were outlined with the introduction of Careers page;
- A number of payment methods was added, and we are constantly on the lookout for more, etc.

Our focus for 2023 will be on improving our technical side to ensure stability of operation, comfortable user experience, fast streaming and download times. As we're steadily moving towards the whopping 50,000 clips here at PissRIP, it is only fair that our priorities should shift from procuring new content to preserving what's already there. Thank you for being together with us on this journey!

Best wishes in the New Year!
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