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We Are Back! + Christmas&New Year Sale Update

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Hello everybody,

We were unavailable during the weekend following abuse reports on our servers. We are currently recovering from the aftermath and restoring the content that was lost. Sorry for the inconvenience! We will do our best to ensure we are extra prepared to face such situations in the future.

Unfortunately, our last valid database backup was from December 11th, so if you purchased Premium over the last 2 weeks, please message us once again:
- with the screenshot of the receipt if you paid with PayPal;
- with the transaction ID if you paid with crypto.

We will restore your Premium along with the added compensation.

We are also reminding you that our holiday sale is still ongoing. Once again, the theme for this sale is "2 holidays - 2 years". For every 1-year Premium purchase with PayPal or crypto you will be getting a second year of Premium for free.

Due to the unexpected downtime we are extending the sale through January 12th.
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