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"Daily Updates" Conundrum

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Hello PissRIP,

February Survey highlighted the most important things for you are quality of content (79.6% picked that) and quantity&frequency of updates (69.5%). However, maintaining all that and offering you "the best of both worlds" is ever a struggle.

When it comes to frequency of updates, the expectations tend to get pretty brutal here. For example, we get messages like "you haven't updated X category in a week!" or "when you upload new PO clips on 10th, do it as early as possible". We feel for you, porn addiction is a bitch. However, there's only so much water in the well. This is especially true for piss voyeur content, which many of you enjoy. Voyeur creators are in decline due to the flawed business model, increased law attention to such operations around the world, and - let's be honest here - piracy also does not encourage them to produce more or for new creators to enter the market. And while we'd love to provide you lots of content every day - we can't do much if said content doesn't exist.

At present, the site has over 41k clips and growing. Preserving them and making them available to you for comfortable streaming and download is quite a task, which translates directly to our servers costs. However, we feel this goes underappreciated. Simply put, who cares about 40k clips already at the site if y'all want 40001th, right. While we're not looking to shrink our collection down, this race certainly can't run forever, so we're looking for a way to put more emphasis on what's already there.

As for quality, we have had two "Cleaning" events this year and cleared the site of bad stuff and stuff the majority dislikes. However, maintaining quality also comes with its own set of challenges:
- quality clashes directly with quantity&frequency in situations where the content is scarce to begin with
- because of sheer volume of content it gets difficult to watch through everything that gets uploaded here on the daily basis, and something can potentially go overlooked
- a huge library of existing content makes it harded to keep track of everything, which can lead to same content being uploaded again and again (especially in situations when the clip in question has been moved to our other sites, like DesperVids).

Long story short, we read your criticism of the "cleaning" events and we agree that if more attention was given to the clips when they were originally uploaded, there would be no need to check them later on. Alas, we cannot always do that. And even though we've been offered to get more staff - accepting someone's help and giving them any responsibilities at the site is a trust issue.

Another matter is this site accomodates the audience of very diverse interests. Even though desperation content received its own site, piss voyeur stayed here despite there being an opinion that such content would better fit SpyRIP - the reason being its popularity.

Where we going with this is sometimes it gets hard to clearly define content, let alone please everyone. For example, take LTW's Gym series - - those clips are great from pure voyeur perspective. At the same time, they feature neither stream nor peeing sound - so they are understandably worthless to those who came here purely for pissing.

While we considered the idea of going back and making it a single site once again - we realized it would ultimately be a bad idea. Pissing lovers wouldn't want to share a site with desperation, desperation fans would hate poop and so on.

If you have some thoughts or suggestions after reading this, you are welcome to continue the discussion in our Chat.
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