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Autumn Cleaning!

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Hello PissRIP,

Early this year we held a Spring Cleaning event. Our sites are growing larger, and since we'd like to optimize server space we are throwing another one.

We are looking forward to get rid of the clips:

A) That shouldn't be on the site, aka that contain:
- minors (no matter in what capacity they appear in the videos)
- old ladies
- fat ladies
- male pissing
- poop
- vomit
- duplicates (same video under different or even same name, make sure to provide the link to the original upload)

B) That would better fit our other sites:
- DesperVids (focus on desperation/wetting rather than pissing, presence of story/buildup, lack of stream, girl hurries to undo her clothes and squat etc). If a clip (ex. voyeur compilation) has a single fitting scene, you are also welcome to point that out with a timestamp.

C) That are of poor quality and/or not good enough compared to everything else featured at the site

To participate, find a video that applies, press the Complaint button below the video and write a relevant reason.
If it doesn't strictly fall under any of those categories, but you still don't like it and believe it shouldn't be at the site - leave a comment explaining why you believe so, so we could check it in the same manner we would do for complaints.

We shall reward you for participation as follows:
1 video = 2 days of Premium

The event will run for two weeks until October 1st.

Note: we will be unable to reward you for false alarms, and also in situations where the same video was submitted by several people at once (only the first one to complain gets rewarded)

Important: please don't message us about this. We will be unable to discuss every individual clip with you. If we happen to accept any of your complaints, you'll discover this by having Premium time added to your account.

Good luck!
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