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The Most Frequently Asked Question

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Hi Admin, I know you said not to ask but I really want to continue watching your vids, the PayPal link isn't taking me anywhere and I'm not sure how to use crypto?

Hi I want to subscribe, however I can’t use crypto and PayPal links don’t work and I am not Russian. Are there alternative ways to pay, sorry to be annoying

Hello, there is any other payment methods to get premium? Couse PayPal doesnt work any more and other problem is i dont know hot to use Crypto to buy, sale and etc.. Is there any chance to get premium using some other payment methods?

Guys, we are a pirate site. Even legitimate content creators and studios struggle with getting billed this days. We'd love to offer you easy and comfortable payment methods, but we can't do anything about it (believe us - we tried). Those billings and gateways will not do business with us. We cannot give you our private paypal/bank accounts. Nor will we accept Amazon or any other gift cards.

Crypto is the future for the porn industry, and especially for sites like ours. It allows us to monetize in spite of rules and restrictions imposed by PayPal, Visa and MasterCard. And with rapid decline of PayPal solution we used to work with (it is almost dead here at PissRIP, and is already discontinued at DesperVids) this future has arrived sooner than expected.

We appreciate that many of you never used crypto and got zero knowledge (and desire) to use it. We are not huge fans of this situation.

However, the harsh reality is you either learn to pay with crypto to continue your membership with our sites, or you'll have to move on.

Since you commonly ask us for tips to help you get into crypto, here are some:

1) Use Binance. You can use whatever site you're comfortable with to purchase crypto, but that's what we're using. This would enable you to make an internal transfer. It comes without fees, which is important, because depending on the site, your transaction fee may end up pretty nasty.

It also got a bunch of helpful guides:
Binance Beginners Guide
How to buy BTC on Binance
How to send BTC on Binance

2) Pay with USDT. It's a stablecoin, aka it's tied to dollar. This saves you the hassle of converting currencies because ex. $7 = 7 USDT.

3) Grab lifetime to not have to deal with the crypto nonsense more than once, support the favorite site and download stuff without restrictions. Of course, this one is up to you.
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