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No More Advertisements!

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Good day, PissRIP!

Over the course of several months we received a lot of feedback on advertisements at this site, both as part of the Survey and otherwise. You told us they feel too cancerous and go as far as to drive away you and your friends from being a member of this site. Moreover, some members voiced their concerns about the safety of visiting this site - on account of malware and all sorts of viruses. All those concerns are pretty serious indeed. Because, as it stands, our advertisements come from third-party AD aggregators and as such we have little control over them.

After some careful considerations, we have decided it would be best to remove all and any ADs from PissRIP entirely, in order to provide you a completely safe and AD-free experience going forward!

This, however, comes with a small side-effect of us needing to substitute the advertisement income somehow. We decided the best solution would be to get rid of "free" categories and 100% monetize this site through Premium, in the same manner DesperVids currently does it. We had a talk with some of our long-standing members about it, and the consensus is we should have done this a long time ago. "You owe us nothing", as one of them put it. Indeed, maintaining the site, procuring new content and searching for new payment methods is ever a struggle, and we feel this change will help this site going forward. While we realize many of you have been "free" members of this site for years, we hope you'll be willing to give this site a good one back after all the joy it has been bringing you!
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