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PissRIP Survey 2022!

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Dear PissRIP members,

We are very interested to hear about your experience using the site and discover areas for improvement. To this end, we are conducting a Survey!

The Survey will run for two weeks between January 24 - February 7. It is made by using Google Forms, so you'd need a Google account to participate.

In order to encourage participation and thank you for your time, we are also launching the Survey Lottery. We will randomly select (using 3 winners among the participants and award them a year of Premium access. To take part in the lottery, make sure to fill in the email associated with your PissRIP account. We will conclude the Survey and post the results of the lottery in the form of a video between 7 - 10 February.

You can find a link to the Survey in your email and private messages.

Thank you!
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