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Naomi - Filthy pig

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Naomi - Filthy pig
We get a lot of feedback and many of you wanted to watch the model getting ready before the shooting itself. So we filmed a bit of "behind the scenes" footage (Naomi knew about the camera but didn't know it was switched on). You can see I'm deadly serious when I'm talking about full bladders! Naomi looks like a typical girl you can meet at outdoor music festivals. She needs to pee but the toilets are really messy and there are a lot of people around so she doesn't hesitate to run to find a suitable spot. But when she finally squats down an annoying guy comes to relieve himself too. Naomi asks him to leave and even shouts at him but he doesn't care. Naomi runs away, she even falls down but keeps peeing because it's not possible to stop the stream. After several more attempts she finally empties her bladder but her pants are already wet. Hopefully nobody will notice!
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