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Scene 1 - They introduce you to the actress talking with her and giving her plenty to drink. When she reaches the point of not being able to hold it much longer they have her go into the bathroom and piss in a bowl.

Scene 2 - The woman is in her underwear desperate to pee sitting on the bed. A man then walk over and starts pressing on her bladder, plays with her boobs, and the two of them start making out for a little bit. During all of this the man has been continuously pressing on her bladder making her wet herself in the end.

Scene 3 - The woman gets naked and pees in the toilet.

Scene 4 - The woman desperate to pee tries to sneak off to use the bathroom but is caught. They then press on her bladder while using a vibrator to make her wet herself. Once she starts wetting herself they pull her panties to side the side and continue to press on her bladder causing her to pee in powerful squirts.

The Full Uncut version has everything above plus sex scenes

Screenshots are
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