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EE-452 01 Teacher Peeing Story 3

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EE-452 01 Teacher Peeing Story 3
Teachers pee in their pants and skirts all over the school. They try their best to hold it, but cannot control the overwhelming need to pee, even in front of students.


Scene 1.1: The teacher starts leaking while instructing a student, but manages to complete the lesson and get the student out of the classroom before flooding her gray pants.
Scene 1.2: My favorite scene of the video. Sexy short brown skirt and gushing bursts shown from different angles as she uses both hands to try and stem the tide.
Scene 2.1: The best hissing sound of the entire video. Once the floodgates open, her pants quickly darken and flood the floor underneath her.
Scene 3.1: Attractive teacher is desperate from the start. She loses control in front of two female students as soon as they begin fighting in class.
Scene 3.2: Gray skirt and nice upskirt views leading up to a massive flood during class.
Scene 4.2: The most powerful stream of the entire video, emptying her bladder onto the floor in <10 seconds. Sexy pink panties when she is cleaning up at the end.
Scene 5.2: Nice shots of the pee flowing down her legs and pantyhose waiting in line for the ladies room.
Scene 6.2: Sexy pants wetting in class. For those who enjoy the desperation and build-up to the wetting, this is the scene for you.
Scene 6.3: Gray skirt and black pantyhose wetting in front of a female student while trying to excuse herself from the classroom.

Enjoy the video.
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