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Nikki - Bathroom Line

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Nikki - Bathroom Line
You're in a small fancy restaurant but there was a flooding accident in one of the bathrooms so there's only one restroom left open. You're standing behind a very cute young brunette girl in low rise blue jeans who's already bent over & crossing her legs. You startle her & she's very embaressed about her predicament... that she's quite desperate to use the toilets! It's VERY REALISTIC acting and very realistic when she starts wetting herself, with her movements, what she's saying and the flow of this video. Her desperation is increasing so she's pulling up her tight jeans, hopping around and doing a real pee pee dance. She's grabbing her back area frantically when a nice wet pissy spot starts showing up on her denim and she's sighing in relief! It's running down both her legs and she's POWERLESS TO STOP IT! She's so embaressed that you just saw her totally lose control and wet herself in shame. You're so turned on by this that you gather up your courage and ask her out on a DATE! She
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