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Wetting at the Movies

Wetting at the Movies
Things take a very wet turn when Sosha and Nikko go out to a movie together in this video. Sosha and Nikko make their way into the theater and take their seats. The previews start and Sosha awkwardly puts her arm around Nikko. Nikko seems receptive to Sosha’s advance and soon they are making out. Everything is going great, except that Nikko needs to pee. Desperate enough that she needs to go to the bathroom, she breaks off the make out session with Sosha. Sosha has another idea though- She tells Nikko it would be incredibly sexy if Nikko peed her pants on the seat. Nikko is intrigued by the idea. Already in a naughty mood, Nikko agrees. As she pees on the seat, Sosha starts to rub her. Even after she is done peeing, Sosha continues to rub, putting her hand in Nikko’s pants. It doesn’t take long before Nikko has an orgasm. Wanting to return the favor, Nikko pulls of Sosha’s pants right there in the theater. While still wearing her peed in clothes, Nikko goes down on Sosha, maki
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