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Careers with PissRIP
“How can I help the site?” – we are often asked. Here you can read all about your opportunities with PissRIP.


Frequent updates are important to the development and success of our sites. While the majority of content procurement and uploading is handled by our staff, we also have active members helping with that.

In order to become one, you simply have to find, purchase, commission, create or otherwise procure new content and then upload it to us. Being useful will get you rewarded with Premium access.

This is a very simple arrangement with little attachment. You do not need to message anyone to participate*we monitor and encourage the community ourselves**. Likewise, you are not yet a member of staff with additional responsibility. We simply assign free Premium periodically and then renew it, should your involvement continue. If you don’t have time or motivation anymore, we just stop renewing it – simple as that.

Keep in mind, that we are looking for quality, not quantity. All your content needs to be in line with the theme of the site as well as rules for uploading. We are unable to reward clips of little value*** or reposts under different names. Also, there are no strict guidelines for rewards such as ex. “10 videos for a month of Premium” – every input is evaluated on a case by case basis****.

* Do not message us saying you uploaded something and asking to review/approve it. You are not the only member of this site.
** Do not message us to extort us for Premium. If you feel you are not being rewarded adequately for your effort - please stop uploading.
*** "Little value" means low-effort uploads, something easily available from forums etc.; ex. G2P.
**** "Case by case basis" means that by default, we don't owe you anything.


Moderators are selected by the admins among veteran contributory members in good standing. This is a staff position which comes with a permanent Premium access, as long as you hold the position.

The duties of a moderator (aside from continuing to assist with new content) comprise:
- assisting admins with approving videos;
- monitoring the community and advising admins on community-related matters;
- upholding rules of the site in the chat and video comments;
- providing basic support to the members in the chat.


Admins are hand-picked by the owner of the platform from the most trusted and exceptional members of the community. Every site typically has an admin in charge of all of its day-to-day operations who can delegate or share some responsibilities with a co-admin.

Admins handle every aspect of the site, from maintenance to content procurement plans to community management to marketing and more.
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