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Millenium Piss 1

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Millenium Piss  1
A compilation of 100 short clips (each about a minute long) usually featuring girls pissing and usually in public. Most of these are from X-Streams' own stuff, but some are from One-eyed jack films and similar.

Millenium Piss is a fabulous compendium of British female pissing scenes. Sixty different British girls in total, pissing solo or in pairs. Many piss through their panties, and lots of scenes are outdoors in extremely public places! An amazing 100 different segments, making this possibly the best British watersports video you could ever hope to own! Live sound too, so you can hear every last droplet! Cast: Amy, Angelica Highes, Beth Collins, Beverley Cocks, Carly G, Cherry, Donna Richardson, Drew Collins, Georgette Neale, Juliette Muir, Katy, Kelly Hearne, Kerry Matthews, Lisa, Lori, Louise Hodges, Patricia, Pauline, Shakina Shergold, Wendy.
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