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The Capacities: Volume 2

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The Capacities: Volume 2
It has been two years since the first capacities video, and the time has come to re-visit some of those ladies to find out if there is any change in their bladder volume. Some girls being measured for the first time also appear, such as Jamie Daniels, Misty Lovelace, Monica Jade, Kendra James, and of course Becca, who is now a close contender for the all time record. Each clip is between 4 and 5 minutes in length.

1. Vonka Romanov: Holding & Measuring
2. Becca: The Last Possible Moment
3. Cadence Lux: Just Out Of Reach
4. Misty Lovelace: Measuring Misty
5. Kendra James: Time To Go With Kendra
6. Carissa Montgomery: Carissa Remeasured
7. Jasmine St James: Jasmine Remeasured
8. Monica Jade: Peeing in a Tube
9. Nikki Brooks: Her Only Choice
10. Jamie Daniels: Measuring Jamie Daniels
11. Becky LeSabre: Becky's Got To Wait
12. Vonka Romanov: Remeasuring Vonka
13. Cadence, Vonka & Jasmine: Restricted Access
14. Tara: Compelled To Hold It
15. Rachael (Ten Amorette): Measuring Rachael
16. Vonka Romanov: Did I Just Beat My Record?
17. Dixie Comet & Carissa Montgomery: Capacity Challenge
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Allen weisselberg
Allen weisselberg 17 June 2021 05:59
Please add more Bound2burst videos please
joy 18 June 2021 04:40
It only has half of the videos mentioned in the list. What about the rest?
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