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Tilly & Keri - The Clinic

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Tilly & Keri - The Clinic
We visit the Marshall-Taylor Sonography Clinic where young ladies come for scans which require them to have a full bladder. Today, things are not running smoothly: One of the doctor's is away on vacation and the second receptionist is away ill, leaving Keri to deal with everything. The doctor doesn't like the front desk left unattended, so by the time cadence arrives for her two-thirty appointment, Keri has not been able to visit the bathroom since she started work that morning. Keri explains that things are running late and that cadence should take a seat. Keri checks with her that she has arrived with a full bladder then resumes her work. Cadence sits and fidgets as she wait, and at three she is still waiting. Growing rather desperate to pee by this time, Cadence asks how much longer and considers making another appointment, but the next available date is almost two months in the future, so she decides to continue waiting. While Keri is on the phone trying to persuade her colleague to come in for just half an hour to relieve her, Tilly arrives for her three o' clock appointment. She receives the same news as cadence and takes a seat beside the girl. Two two women sit and struggle with their discomfort as the minutes slowly pass. By three-twenty Cadence is bursting and can't hold her pee any longer. She wets her jeans and then goes up to the desk to make another appointment. This peeing accident has not helped Keri who really could do with a visit to the bathroom herself, especially when she has to call maintenance to order a clean up in the waiting room. After Cadence leaves, Tilly sits really struggling; she has been waiting over twenty minutes for her appointment and she was dying to pee when she arrived. She does her best, aware that re-scheduling is not really an option for her, but she simply can't control her bladder muscles any longer. She too wets herself all over the waiting room floor, then humiliated by what has happened, she jumps up and runs out, leaving Keri alone and on the verge of peeing herself too. Keri struggles to deal with an incoming call but she is badly distracted. During the conversation, she loses control of her bladder and releases a huge puddle of pee onto the floor beneath her seat. She calls maintenance back and explains that three cleans up are now required, then buries her face in her hands as she wonders how the day could possibly get any worse.
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